Session 1: Transforming Education for the Future

Session 1 Summary - Transforming Education for the Future.pdf

Session one summary

Panel 1 .mp4

Session one recording

Session 2: Towards Powerful Learning EcoSystems

Session 2 Summary - Towards Powerful Learning EcoSystems.pdf

Session two summary

Panel 2.mp4

Session two recording

Session 6: The Promise of the UN Transforming Education Summit 2022

Session 6 Summary - The promise of the UN Transforming Education Summit 2022.pdf

Session six summary


Session six recording

Session 7: Assessing, Recognising & Credentialing Learning & Skills for a Transformed Economy

Session 7 Summary - Assessing, recognising, & credentialing learning & skills for a transformed economy.pdf

Session seven summary

Session 8: Renegotiating Learning for a Hybrid World

Session 8 Summary - Renegotiating Learning for a Hybrid World.pdf

Session eight summary


Session eight recording

Session 9: Advancing the Transformation of Education – Strengthening Ecosystems and Activating the Power of Networks

Session 9 Summary - Final Panel - Advancing the Transformation of Education.pdf

Session nine summary

Final panel.mp4

Session nine recording

final reflection - John.mp4

Closing Remarks – John Vamvakitis


Workshop 1: Towards Inclusion and Equity

Workshop 2 Summary - Digital Transformation - Philippines & Pakistan.pdf

Workshop one summary

Philipinnes Only.mp4

Micro Credentialing in the Alternative Learning System in The Philippines

Pakistan only.mp4

Reaching marginalised learners: out-of-school children in Pakistan

Workshop 1: Digital Transformation

Workshop 1 Summary - Digital Transformation - Japan & Malaysia.pdf

Workshop one summary

Malaysia only.mp4

Digital Platforms and Digital Futures: Malaysia Education Blueprint looking forward

Japan only.mp4

Japanese Education Policy/GIGA Project and Society 5.0

Workshop 3: Empowering Schools

Workshop 3 Summary - Empowering Schools - Indonesia & New Zealand.pdf

Workshop three summary

Indonesia only.mp4

Emancipated Learning: Perspectives and challenges in transforming schools in Indonesia

NZ only.mp4

Manaiakalani - Empowering a network of connected schools

Workshop 4: Transforming Learning

Workshop 4 Summary - Transforming Learning - Bermuda & Hong Kong.pdf

Workshop four summary

Bermuda only.mp4

Bermuda: A system in transition

Hong Kong Only.mp4

Crisis as Opportunities - A Prelude to the Future - the Hong Kong Story


CSE Leading Education Series

CSE Leading Education Series-01-2021R2.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#2 04-2021b.pdf
Assessing countries’ competencies-CCR-CSE Leading Education Series#3 06-2021.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#4 08-2021-R1.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#5 10-2021.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#6-1.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#7 04-2022-print2.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#8 04-2022.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#9 05-2022R.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#10-D5.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#11.pdf
CSE Leading Education Series#12.pdf
Seminar Series 283-May2019.pdf
Seminar Paper 298-August 2020-secure.pdf

Google Education – Trend Forecast Reports


1. Preparing for a new future


2. Evolving how we teach and learn


3. Reimagining learning ecosystems

NIE Future Ready Learners

Future-ready_MOE NIE Working-Paper-no-20.pdf

SKOLA 2030

Transformation through Online Learning and Competence Building


Artificial Intelligence in Education: Promise & Provocation

JUNE 2022 _ Artificial Intelligence in Education - Promise & Provocation _ Tom Barrett.pdf