GELP JAKARTA 24 brings together education leaders from across Asia Pacific with their international counterparts to share progress and deepen understanding of educational transformation and explore how these efforts align with global trends and challenges.


A decade ago education transformation discussion focused on a long game to prepare young people for a future different to today. That future is now here. And most education systems are still in early phases of shifting. New, more pressing, future horizons continue to emerge: the power of Ai, escalating local and global conflict and inequality, and increasing threats of environmental catastrophe.

A transformational shift in education is no longer an option. The central question is what does it look like in practice?

GELP JAKARTA 24 is framed around three interconnected dimensions of creating education system shift enabled by technology and fit for the future including:

Reconceptualising Leadership

Developing adaptive leadership to collaboratively steward the preferred future of education.

Redesigning the Profession

Rethinking educator work, workforce and workplace to enable system shift.

Reimagining Learning

Implementing student-centred learning environments that value a broad set of competencies and foster individual and collective wellbeing. 

Together, these dimensions enable education system shift - including innovative partnerships and new governance - to move towards healthy, digitally enabled, learning ecosystems.


Program – GELP JAKARTA 24