How might we work together to transform education systems so that every learner can thrive in the 21st century?


The Global Education Leaders' Partnership (GELP) is a global network of leaders of education systems, institutions and capacity-building organisations who are developing and implementing education innovation and transformation to meet the challenge of preparing every learner to thrive in the 21st century.


GELP began in 2009 when a group of education system leaders from 10 countries around the world came together to question what societal, environmental and technological change meant for our school systems, in terms of why, what and how we educate. 


GELP now has participation of 17+ countries and has grown into a global ‘network of networks’ bringing together diverse international initiatives whose goal is to transform education to meet the needs of the future. 


GELP is internationally influential through research, thought leadership, convenings and on-the-ground consultancy. 


GELP is anchored by annual convenings in cities throughout the world where education jurisdictions have invited GELP to catalyse education innovation and transformation in their own domain. In 2020 GELP expanded to global online and hybrid gatherings to further strengthen and sustain the network. 


GELP began in 2009 with the concept of ‘Education 3.0’ and developing system roadmaps for education transformation. In 2013 the GELP community of education system leaders contributed to a book, Redesigning Education. Shaping Learning Systems Around the Globe about what it takes to transform education systems when the context in which they've flourished fundamentally alters. GELP system leaders identified a clear set of models and practices that together form a "roadmap" to the future, backed up by the practical lessons drawn from their experiences. 


In 2015 GELP focused in on new education leadership models and learning ecosystems.  In 2021 new education purposes, such as education for human thriving and flourishing, and designing and embedding local learning ecosystems have shaped the agenda of convenings, including the first GELP hybrid event in post-industrial Doncaster UK where local education stakeholders worked with international counterparts to develop a Talent and Innovation Ecosystem. 

In 2022 GELP partnered Google for Education to bring together education leaders from across the Asia Pacific to share their work transforming education.